How to Buy Your First Bitcoin NFT from Scarce City

You need two things to buy your first Bitcoin Counterparty NFT from Scarce City:

  1. Bitcoin to pay for the purchase
  2. A Bitcoin wallet that supports Counterparty to store your NFT

Paying with Bitcoin

This article assumes you already own some bitcoin, and that you know how to send it. Scarce City accepts payments on chain and from Lightning. You can send from any BTC/Lightning wallet or exchange that supports native SegWit addresses. (Fake)RarePepeWallet and FreeWallet mobile will not work (no SegWit support). FreeWallet desktop is fine.


What is Counterparty

Counterparty is open source software that allows for asset creation on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Download FreeWallet for Desktop

FreeWallet is a Bitcoin wallet that supports Counterparty. The desktop version is the most up-to-date version and therefore the safest one to use.

Download from

FreeWallet website

Install FreeWallet and Create New Wallet

When installing FreeWallet for the first time you will be creating a new wallet.

Apple users will have to allow the install from System Preferences → Security & Privacy
IMPORTANT — You must write down and securely save the 12 word passphrase.

Lock Your Wallet

For added security you can lock your wallet with a password. To do this click the open padlock icon in the top right. You will need this password to send any tokens or bitcoin from the wallet. Store your password someplace safe.

lock wallet

See Your Public Address

To view your address click the QR looking icon in the top right. Then click View Address.

view address

Your Address

This address is where you will have your tokens sent. Unlike normal Bitcoin usage — Counterparty users reuse the same address to keep their tokens in one place. If you want to send any assets from your address to another address you will need some bitcoin in this wallet to pay the transaction fee. You don’t need any bitcoin to receive an asset.

Buying Your First Bitcoin Counterparty NFT from Scarce City

Now you are ready to buy your first Bitcoin Counterparty NFT from Scarce City. Your FreeWallet address from the instructions above is the one you will use on Scarce City when you buy the token you want.