Adjustable Bitcoin Roller Coaster Guy Sculpture

bitcoin coaster down sculpture
bitcoin coaster up sculpture
Bitcoin sculpture back

Coaster Angle Set With Bitcoin Knob

This sculpture of the Bitcoin Roller Coaster Guy has 7 positions controlled by this Bitcoin knob located on the back. The knob can be turned toward different red or green candles to adjust the coaster angle. There are 3 different red candles, a flat candle, and 3 different green candles to choose from.

Sculpture Info

Most of the sculpture is made from wood with a few metal pieces. Everything is painted or stained. The guy and cart are a relief carving from one piece of wood. One of his arms is metal and the other is painted onto the background. The rails are raised pieces of painted wood. The Bitcoin knob is also made from wood and attached to metal parts for turning.

Sold at The bitcoin2021 Conference Art Gallery

This sculpture was on display in Miami, Florida at the bitcoin2021 conference. It was auctioned and sold during the conference as well.