CoasterGuy 1st Bitcoin NFT Sale


The Token

CoasterGuy is the first Bitcoin/Counterparty token sale from the Bitcoin Coaster collection. The art is a high resolution version of the original Roller Coaster Guy recreated from the original artwork scans.

Bitcoin Roller Coaster Guy was originally created in 2013, but up until now has never been released as a token by the original artist.

Sale at Scarce City

These tokens will be sold through Scarce City in a 4-day sale beginning Tuesday January 11. Price increases with each new Bitcoin block.

Unsold Tokens Will Be Destroyed

2,100 tokens have been created, but the unsold supply will be destroyed within 5 days of the end of the sale. The artist will retain 5 for his personal collection.

How To Buy Your First Bitcoin NFT from Scarce City

If you’ve never bought a Bitcoin Counterparty NFT before please read this guide on how you can make for your first purchase.