King of Money

King of Money painting
The King of Money beats fiat and all other monies of the world. Whether it is a bear or bull market this is the card you want. This painting can be mounted bull side up or bear side up. The main art piece is mounted 0.5 inches from the matte black back so it appears to be floating.

Acrylic paint and POSCA paint marker on plywood.

Back portion (black): 15.5″ × 20.3″
Front portion (card): 12″ × 16.8″
Total depth: 1.5″

👑 Was auctioned on during B23 Miami May 18-20, 2023
King of Money painting
King of Money painting
The photos below shows the two mounting options that are inset in the back. This allows flush wall mounting for bear side up or bull side up.
King of Money painting back
King of Money painting side view